Nicholas Ashton, pianist solo, chamber, contemporary piano music

Nicholas Ashton, pianist

Piano Duo Ashton-Link

Ashton-Link Piano Duo

Nicholas Ashton and Franck-Thomas Link first met in Amsterdam in 1992, although they could have met much earlier in Frankfurt-am-Main, where both of them studied at more or less the same time in the 1980s; Nicholas studying with Joachim Volkmann at the Hochschule für Musik und darstellende Kunst; Franck-Thomas privately with the distinguished pianist and pedagogue, Gisela Sott.

When Franck-Thomas established the Hamburg Chamber Arts Association (Hamburg Kammerkunstverein) in 1999, the two pianists made contact again and since then have developed a close bond, both as colleagues as solo pianists and also as a piano duo, and have since performed together many times in Scotland and in Germany.

In 2011, the two pianists decided to work on a major project; to perform and record the entire repertoire for two pianos and piano duet by Mozart. Incredibly – as of 2017 – there are still unfinished works and sketches for the combinations, which have not yet been recorded. The concept is for Nicholas to compose extensions, completions and additions to these works and to prepare them with Franck-Thomas, through performances, towards a final recording project, alongside the established works in the medium.

To date, Ashton and Link have performed (and made informal audio and video recordings of all the performances) the majority of all the main works, and the aim for 2018-19 is to complete this survey, adding the newly- completed additions, as well as finding the opportunity to perform the Concerto for Two Pianos K365 and to locate a record company willing to take on the recording project for commercial/professional release.

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