Nicholas Ashton, pianist solo, chamber, contemporary piano music

Nicholas Ashton, pianist




Collaborative: Chamber Music and Voice Accompaniment

J S Bach

six flute sonatas


Kv 378 Bb major violin sonata
Kv 379 G major violin sonata
Kv 478 G minor piano quartet
Kv 493 Eb major piano quartet
Kv 448 D major sonata for two pianos
Kv548 C major trio
Introduction and Allegro, Eb major, two pianos
Kv521 C major sonata, piano duet
Kv497 F major sonata, piano duet
Kv381 D major sonata, piano duet
Kv358 Bb major sonata, piano duet
Kv501 G major theme and variations, piano duet
Kv357 G major sonata, piano duet
Kv401 G minor fugue, piano duet
Kv594 Stück fur ein Orgelwerk in einer Uhr, F minor, piano duet
Kv608 Ein Orgelstück fur eine Uhr, F minor, piano duet

Gran Duo, Eb major, clarinet, piano

Duo Concertant, Cminor/Eb major, clarinet, piano


Op 1 no 1 Eb major trio

Op 6 D major sonata, piano duet
Op 11 Bb major piano/cello/clarinet trio
Op 16 Eb major piano quartet (from the wind quintet)
op 18 F major sonata, french horn, piano
Op 23 A minor violin sonata

0p 30 no 2 C minor violin sonata
Op 30 no 3 G major violin sonata
Op 94 G major violin sonata

Op 97 Bb major piano trio “Herzog/Archduke”

Op 5 no 1 F major cello sonata
Op 5 no 2 G minor/major cello sonata
Op 69 A major cello sonata
Op 102/1 C major cello sonata
woO46, 7 Variations on Mozart: Bei Männern welche Liebe fühlen
Op 66 Variations on Mozart:ein Mädchen oder Weibchen


Trockene Blumen, flute and piano
Die Schöne Müllerin (high, medium and lower voice)
Arpeggione Sonata, cello and piano
Variations on a French Song  (piano duet)
Variations in E minor (piano duet)
Fantasie, F minor (piano duet)

Piano Quintet D667, A Major (Die Forelle)


Op 47 D minor piano trio


Rondo Op 3/73, C major, two pianos


Piano Quintet, op 44, Eb major
Frauenliebe und Leben, mezzo soprano, piano
Fantasiestücke op 73, clarinet, piano
Stücke im Volkston, cello/oboe, piano

Liederkreis op 23 (both higher and lower voice)
Liederkreis op 39 (both higher and lower voice)


Op 9 B major trio
Op 78 G major violin sonata
Op 100 A major violin sonata
Op 114 A minor piano trio (cello, clarinet Bb)
Op 120a F minor clarinet sonata
Op 120b Eb major clarinet sonata
Op 54 Variations two pianos (St Anthony Chorale)
Op 91 Two songs, mezzo soprano, viola, piano
Op 34a and b Piano Quintet. Two Piano Sonata, F minor

Selected Lieder (high/medium/low ranges)


Piano Quintet A major, op 81

Zigeuner Melodien op 55 (mezzo-soprano)


Piano Quartet movement, A minor (1876)


Piano Quintet, E minor

Violin Sonata, E minor


Piano Quintet no 2 Eb major


Piano Quintet no 1 Op 81, D minor
Piano Trio op 120 (clarinet and cello version)
La bonne chanson (lower version only)


Fantasie, A minor, (for two pianos; piano 2 only)


Sonata, violin, piano op 90, F minor

Sonata, flute, piano op 94, D major

Sonata, ‘cello, piano op 119, C major

Quintet on a Hebrew theme, piano, string quartet


Suite/Fantasie op 5: Les Larmes (two pianos; piano 1 only)


Piano Quintet, G minor
Sonata, cello, piano, Op 40


Trio, piano violin, clarinet


Contrasts, clarinet, violin, piano


Sonata, violin, piano

Sonata,  cello and piano

Petite Suite (piano duet; primo and secondo)

Six Epigraphes Antiques (piano duet/two pianos (primo/!st piano only)
Nocturnes (arr. Ravel) for two pianos

Trois Chansons de Bilitis (mezo-soprano)

En blanc et noir, two pianos (in preparation; piano 1 only)

Erik Satie

Trois Morceaux en forme de poire (piano duet; primo only)


Sonata, flute and piano
Sonatina, clarinet and piano


Sonata, violin, piano
Ma mère l’’oye (piano duet; primo and secondo)
Cinq melodies populaires greques
Don Quichotte á  dulcinée
Histoires naturelles


L’’Histoire du Soldat: trio version, violin, clarinet, piano
Duo Concertant (1932) violin, piano
Concerto for Two Solo Pianos (1935) (in preparation; piano 1 only)
Sonata for Two Pianos (1944; piano 2 only)
Fireworks/Feux d’artifice (1908) for two pianos (piano 1 only)


Trio, clarinet, violin, piano


Sonata, flute, piano
Sonata, clarinet, piano
Sonata, oboe, piano
Sonata, two pianos/piano duet (1918); primo and secondo
Un jour, telle nuit: cycle for baritone and piano


Sonata, clarinet, piano

Sonata, flute, piano

Sonata, viola, piano, op 11
Sonata, trumpet, piano
Sonata, french horn, piano
Sonata, oboe, piano
Sonata, cor anglais, piano
Sonata, trombone, piano
Sonata, tuba, piano

Henri Dutilleux

Sonata, oboe, piano

Pavel Haas

Suite, oboe, piano

Antal Dorati

Duo concertant, oboe, piano


Piano Quintet
Cello Sonata (1977)

Robert Crawford

Piano Quintet (2005)
Variations for Two Pianos (1993) (in preparation, piano 1 only)

John McLeod

Three Poems of Irina Ratuschinskaya (soprano and piano)

They took me away from school (mezzo-soprano, piano)

William Bolcom

Black Max

Kenneth Dempster

Chaconne in memoriam (2002) (six hands, one piano; primo only) World Premiere

Giacinto Scelsi

Krishna e Radha (Improvvisazione) (1986), flute and piano

Benjamin Britten

Introduction and Rondo Burlesca (1940), Two Pianos; piano 1 only

Mazurka Elegiaca (1940) Two Pianos; piano 1 only

Witold Lutoslawski

Variations on a Theme of Paganini (1941), Two Pianos; piano 1 and piano 2

Drew Hammond

Strata (for two pianos) 2009 World Premiere (piano 1 only)
Watershed (for two pianos) 2011 World Premiere (piano 2 only)

David Thomas Duncan

Variations for Two Pianos (2008-9) World Premiere (piano 1 and piano 2)
New work, two pianos and percussion (2012) (in preparation)

Stephen Davismoon

Derive (in homage to Pierre Boulez) (2015) (for two pianos; piano 2 only)

Jane Stanley

Pentimenti (for two pianos) 2011 World Premiere (piano 2 only)

John de Simone

Praeludium (for two pianos) 2011 World Premiere (piano 2 only)

John Adams

Hallelujah Junction (for two pianos) (1996) (in preparation); piano 1 only

Juste Janulyte

The Silence of Falling Snow for two pianos (piano 2 only)

Ian Percy

Mystics (for two pianos) 2015 World Premiere (piano 2 only)

Stephen Pratt

Fast Forward (for two pianos) 2015 World Premiere (piano 2 only)

Moving On (for two pianos) 2016 (in preparation) (piano 2 only)

Alina Savanenkovaite
Per jūrą iki Klaipėdos (Over the Sea to Klaipeda) (2017) for two pianos; piano 1 only

Graham Warner

Flux (for two pianos) 2015 World Premiere (piano 2 only)

Judith Weir

Ardnamuchan Point (for two pianos; piano 1 only)

Alan Edward Williams

The Shot, Jelly and the Pot of Treacle (in homage to Bertrand Russell) (for two pianos; piano 1 only)

Solo 17th-18th century

Louis Daquin

Le Coucou

Jean Phillipe Rameau

La Poule

F. Couperin

Chaconne “la favorite” (transposed from original C minor to G minor)

J S Bach

Partita no 1, Bb major
Partita no 5, G major
Toccata BWV 914, E minor
Preludes and Fugues:
Book 1 nos 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9
Book 2 nos 3, 9, 12, 19
Capriccio on the Departure of His Beloved Brother


Keyboard suite no 2, F major
Keyboard suite no 5, E major
Chaconne, G major

D. Scarlatti

ten sonatas


Sonata Hob XVI:22, E major
Sonata Hob XVI:24, D major
Sonata Hob XVI:27, G major
Sonata Hob XVI:31, E major
Sonata Hob XVI:36, D major
Sonata Hob XVI:41, Bb major
Sonata Hob XVI:46, Ab major
Sonata Hob XVI:48, C major
Sonata Hob XVI:49, Eb major
Sonata Hob XVI:50, C major

Adagio Hob XVII:9, F major
Variations Hob XVII:5, C major
Variations Hob XVII:6, F minor


Sonata K 281, Bb major
Sonata K 282, Eb major
Sonata K 284, D major

Sonata K 286, D major

Sonata K 333, Bb major
Sonata K 457, C minor
Sonata K 576, D major

Fantasia, K 475, C minor

Rondo K 511, A minor
Fragments from a Suite, C minor
Eine kleine Gigue, G major
Variations, “Lison dormait” C major
Variations “Ah, je vous dirai, Maman” C major

Carl Maria von Weber

Rondo op 24/4 (Sonata, C major)


Sonata op 2 no 1, F minor
Sonata op 2 no 3, C major
Sonata op 7, Eb major
Sonata op 10 no 3, D major
Sonata op 14 no 2, G major

Solo 19th century


Sonata op 26, Ab major
Sonata op 27 no 1, Eb major
Sonata op 28, D major
Sonata op 31 no 3, Eb major
Sonata op 49 no 2, G minor
Sonata op 53, C major “Waldstein”
Sonata op 78, F sharp major
Sonata op 81a “Les Adieux”
Sonata op 90, E minor

Sonata op 101, A major
Sonata op 109, E major

Rondo op 51/1, C major

Andante Favori WoO53
Variations op 34, F major

Variations op 35, Eb major (Prometheus/Eroica)

Six Bagatelles op 126


4 Sonata Movements D 506/566, E minor/major
Sonata D 575, B major
Sonata D 664, A major
Sonata D 845, A minor
Sonata D 850, D Major “Gasteiner”
Sonata D 894, G major
Impromptus D 935
Allegretto, D 915, C minor
Andantino, A major
“Hüttenbrenner” Variations, A minor


Etudes op 10 nos 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 (complete)
Etudes op 25 nos 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 9, 10, 12

Etude d’après Mochelès,  No 2, Ab major

Impromptu op 36 F sharp major
Préludes op 28 complete
Mazurkas op 17, op 33, op 40, op 59; A minor (“notre temps”)
Scherzo op 54, E major

Nocturne, op 9 no 1, Bb minor

Nocturne op 15 no 3 F sharp major

Nocturne op 62 no 1 B major

Valse op 34/3 A minor

Valse op 42 Ab major

Valse op 70/1 Gb major

Valse op posth E minor

Valse op post Eb major

Fantaisie op 49, F minor


Les jeux d’’eaux à la Villa d’ ’Este

Valse oubliée no 1
Polonaise no 2, E major
Hungarian Rhapsody no 4, Eb major
Etude de concert: “un sospiro”, Db major

Etude d’’éxecution transcendante no 3: Paysage
Etude d’’éxecution transcendante no 5: “Feux-follets”
Etude d’’éxecution transcendante no 6: “Vision”

Paganini étude no 3, “”la campanella”” (1853  version)

Paganini étude no 5, ““la chasse” (1853 version)

Paganini étude no 4, E major, “arpeggi” (1853 version)

“Nuages gris”
Czardas macabre
Predication “St Francis d’ Assisi”

Au Cypres a la Villa d’Este I

Au Cypres a la Villa d’Este II


Abegg Variations, op 1, F major
Papillons, op 2
Intermezzi op 4 (in preparation)

Allegro, B minor, op 8

Fantasiestücke, op 12

Kinderszenen, op 15
Arabeske, op 18, C major
Humoreske, op 20, Bb major

Novelette op 21/8 F sharp minor/D major
Sonata op 22, G minor
Pieces (Bunteblätter/Albumblätter) op 99/124
Paganini Etuden 1, 2, 3, 6

Vogel als Prophet (Waldszenen op 82)

Drei Fantasiestücke op 111

Gesaenge der Fruehe op.135 (in preparation)

“Geister” Variations on a “dictated Theme from Schubert or Mendelssohn”, Eb major, (1853) (in preparation)

Symphonische Etuden (with the posthumous 5 etuden) op 13 (1853 version) (in preparation)

Konzert ohne Orchester (1836 version), F minor (in preparation)


Sonata, op 6, E major
Lied ohne Worte “Duetto”, Ab major

Gondolierlied (Barcarolle 1), G minor, op.19b no 6


Variations on a Theme by Schumann, op 9

4 Ballades, op 10

Paganini Variations op 35 Book 1

Paganini Variations op 35 Book 2 ( in preparation)

Klavierstück op 116 No 5

Four Pieces op 119

Albumblatt: “un poco agitato”, A Minor (1853)


Elegie, Ab Major: “Schmachtend”


Sonata op 7, E minor

Lyric Piece: “un peu triste”


Pictures at an Exhibition


Prelude and Nocturne for the left hand op 9 no 2, Db major

Sonata No 4

Vers la flamme


 20th -21st century


La Colombe (Preludes, 1929)

Plainte Calme (Preludes , 1929)

Notations (in preparation)
Sonata no 1

Etude pour les arpèges composees
Clair de lune

Children’s Corner (No 4: Snow is Dancing; No 5: The Little Shepherd)

Preludes (premier livre) in preparation (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6)
Preludes (deuxieme livre) in preparation (1, 2, 4, 7, 8, 10, 11, 12)

Valses nobles et sentimentales

Ondine (Gaspard de la Nuit)

Noctuelles (Miroirs)

Oiseaux tristes (Miroirs)

Vallée des cloches (Miroirs)

In the Mist(s)
On an Overgrown Path (Book 1)
Sonata 1.x.1905


Klavierstück op 11 no 3

Sechs kleine Klavierstücke op 19
Suite op 25



Variations op 27

Allegro barbaro, op 9
Suite op 14
Mikrokosmos 6 (selection)

Chaconne op 32 (1914)

Etude op 7 no 4, F sharp major
Piano-Rag-Music (1919)
Sonata (1924)
Serenade en la (1925)
Trois mouvements de Petroushka (1921)
Concerto for Two Solo Pianos (1936) (in preparation); piano 1 only

Sonata for Two Pianos (1944); piano 2 only

Cinq Sarcasmes, op 17
Sonata no 4, C minor
Sonata No 5, C major
Sonata no 8, Bb major (in preparation)

Suggestion diabolique op 4

Variations (1930)
Midsummer Nocturne (1977)
Midday Thoughts (1978)

Piano Sonata (1939-40) (in preparation)

Encores: Wasserklavier, Brin, Leaf, Luftklavier


Musica Ricercata (Nos 1, 2, 3)
Etudes (troisième livre) (in preparation)

Etude: Arc-en-ciel (premier livre)
Etude: L’Escalier du Diable (deuxième livre)

Robert Crawford

Six Bagatelles op 3 (1947) World Premiere Recording
Sonata No 2 (1951) World Premiere Recording
Sonata breve (Sonata No 3) (1991) World Premiere Recording
Saltire Sonata (Sonata No 2) (1990) World Premiere Recording
Piano Quintet (2005) World Premiere Recording
Variations for Two Pianos  (1993) (in preparation)

Prelude (2010-11)

John White
Sonata no 108 (Reminicenza di tango)

John MacLeod
Two Protest Pieces (1993) World Premiere

From Above and Below; soprano/mezzo soprano, piano

Kenneth Dempster
Vista (2005) World Premiere

Fabrice Fitch
Wind Up I
Wind Up II: Rockabye
Wind Up III: See-Saw (d’apres Brahms)

Helen Grime

Ten Miniatures (2009)

John Hails
EMG1/2 (2008) World Premiere

Gerhard Staebler
Ferne/Naehe (III)

Drew Hammond
Strata (for two pianos) 2009 World Premiere
Watershed (for two pianos) 2011 World Premiere

David Thomas Duncan
Variations for Two Pianos (2008-9) World Premiere

New work, two pianos and percussion (2012) (in preparation)

Jane Stanley
Pentimenti (for two pianos) 2011 World Premiere

John de Simone
Praeludium (for two pianos) 2011 World Premiere

John Adams
American Berserk (2001) (in preparation)
Hallelujah Junction (1996), two pianos  (in preparation)

Elliott Carter
Two Thoughts about the piano:
Intermittences (2006) (in preparation)
Catenaires (2006) (in preparation)

Giacinto Scelsi

Krishna e Radha (Improvvisazione) (1986) flute and piano

Ian Percy

Mystics (for two pianos) 2015 World Premiere

Stephen Davismoon

Derive (for two pianos) 2015 World Premiere

Stephen Pratt

Fast Forward (for two pianos) 2015 World Premiere

Graham Warner

Flux (for two pianos) 2015 World Premiere

Alan Edward Williams

Shot Jelly Treacle  (for two pianos; piano 1 only) World Premiere


D minor
A major

D major
C major


K 246 C major

K 271 Eb major

K 413 F major
K 414 A major
K 415 C major

K 456 Bb major

K 459 F major
K 488 A major
K 491 C minor
K 595 Bb major

No 2 Bb major
No 3 C minor
Choral Fantasia

No 1 Eb major

Hungarian Fantasia (in preparation)


Concerto for violin, piano and strings (in preparation)

No 5, G major op 55 (in preparation)

Op 54 A minor
Introduction and Allegro, G major


No 1 op 15 D minor (in preparation)

No 1 op 23 Bb minor

No 2 op 22 G minor

Piano and Wind (1924)
Capriccio (1929) (in preparation)

Rhapsody in Blue (jazz band version)


Prelude, Fugue and Riffs for jazz band, clarinet Bb and piano

No 2 F major

Konzertstuck F minor (in preparation)

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